Monday, July 6, 2009

My work has been selected for a juried show, Art & Labor, the Labor of Art at Olympic Mills:

Opening Reception:
Friday, July 17, 6 - 10:00 pm. Event is free. All ages welcome.

Olympic Mills Gallery/Olympic Mills Commerce Center 107 SE Washington Ave., Portland, Oregon 97214

The new summer exhibit at Olympic Mills Commerce Center Gallery, 
features guest artist Gwenn Seemel and regional and national artist Christopher B Mooney

Allen Schmertzler • Celeste Bergin • Anthony Lazorko, Jr • Susan B Schenk
Tom Virgin • Shelley Radovich • Patricia Gifford • Eugene Rodriguez •
David Burbach • Dawn Roscoe

The exhibit explores issues of labor, reinvention, and the rich creative opportunities 
emerging in the U.S. during these economic 'hard times'. | standstalldesigns(at)

Sponsored by Portland City Art 503.317.8368
John Graeter, Director,
Chris Haberman, Creative Director